Cycling wear for cyclists of every kind

Nico Sport - Lierde - WielerkledijDo you want to cycle for fun, or are you interested in racing above everything else? Whatever the sporting challenge, Nico Sport in Lierde supplies the right cycling wear and accessories. We design top-quality sportswear for professional and amateur cyclists, whether it’s for individual competitors, clubs or companies.

Customised cycling wear

Want new jerseys for your cycling team? We can supply you with a one-off or a large quantity – all within a very short lead-time. We will produce an original design that you approve before you place a final order.

You can choose from our standard models, if you like, or you can have your outfit totally personalised.

Our cycling outfits come in 3 different lines featuring different fabrics:

  • Standard: for amateurs and leisure cyclists, flattering outfits, for example for clubs with older members;
  • Semipro: for cyclists who get into the saddle more than ordinary leisure riders, but who aren’t professional. Great for racing, too;
  • Pro: for genuine cycling fanatics who ride their bikes every day.

Made from the best materials

A full cycling kit for one person consists of: cycling jersey, cycling shorts, winter top and winter shorts. All of our cycling gear is made at our own factory in Belgium. We only use the very best materials so that you are guaranteed top quality.

Got a question? We can help you

Cycling as a sport is enjoying new impetus. And Nico Sport has broken away from the pack when it comes to superior cycling wear. So don’t hesitate to contact our company in Lierde for more information about our range. And take a look at our catalogue for a complete overview of what we have to offer.


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