Football gear for the whole team

Nico Sport - Lierde - DiversWhether you’re a seasoned elite sportsman or a recreational amateur, when you’re wearing the right sportswear you feel so much more comfortable. Opt for Nico Sport - because in sports-loving Flanders, you should only settle for the best!

Top sportswear for everyone

At Nico Sport in Lierde you’ll find football kit, running outfits, cycling shorts, basketball shirts and so much more. We supply tailored printed sportswear to all kinds of organisations, such as walking clubs, youth movements, schools, sports clubs and companies. We can also produce a design for individual sports enthusiasts.

Football gear and other outfits

Anyone who wants to perform well at sport places high demands on their sportswear, which is why Nico Sport has a high-quality range of personalised sports clothing:

  • Basketball: standard outfit: shirt and shorts
  • Football: complete outfit, from head to toe
  • Running: from lycra tops to running shirts and shorts
  • Rowing outfits, roller-skating packs, motocross tops, BMX jerseys, etc.
  • Accessories: stockings, hats, etc.
  • Printed tablecloths for parties

All of our football gear, basketball outfits and other sportswear are made at our factory in Belgium.

Let's hear from you

Please don’t hesitate to contact Nico Sport if you are looking for football gear or any other sports outfit. Or take a look at our catalogue to get a better idea of our range.


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